Why Less and Slow May be Better for You.


Let healing sounds and music bring you the zen feeling.

Is our culture of 'More, Faster, and Want It Now' working for you?  I originally posted this blog in 2013 and guess what, we are still struggling with speed, constant access and the resulting stress.

So, are you still feeling overwhelmed, tired and stressed on a regular basis? If you think that life has started to speed out of control, you are not alone.

Not only are we doing more but we are doing it with the expectation that it is required and normal. From noisy, non-stop media, to cars rushing and speeding on streets and highways, to people of all ages hooked to their phones like life support, to endless texts, snap chats, emails and phone calls, to never ending chores and obligations, well, it looks to me like a stress tsunami ready to come to shore. You hear it all the time, "I'm busy, busy, busy". (and we are all guilty of this even when we are aware of it!).

So what is the result of all this "busy-itis"?

We are distracted, distressed and depressed.

Technology and modern conveniences were supposed to make our lives easier, not harder. However, many of us have lost sight of moderation and common sense. We want it all, but there is a price to pay and many of us don't want to acknowledge that fact. Technology itself, like most things, is not in itself the problem.  The way I see it, the problem for some of us is to learn how to put limits on expectations and new cultural norms while at the same time focusing on life's simple joys and pleasures.  Taking the time to take care of yourself and slow down is crucial to overall wellness. 

There is an ebb and flow to life that should be acknowledged. Like nature, we have our rhythms.  Will there be times that you have to go fast, do a lot of things, juggle it all? Probably. But to be on the go all the time, with non-stop acceleration is not healthy, and most of all it is not a life but more of a "to do" list. Your body, mind and soul needs rest, downtime and re-charging so that you can feel energized and ready to handle new challenges.

So, how do you reclaim your time, your energy, so that life is more than just a race to go faster? Where do you start when you cannot even imagine doing or thinking of one more thing?

I would recommend starting small, with some really simple advice:
Do Less.

Add these as well:

Use "No" more often.
Drop one thing from your list of activities or chores.
Unplug once in a while.
Go outside and enjoy some fresh air.
Do nothing for a few minutes, an hour, or gasp, for the day!

When you learn how to best navigate the chaos so that you stay healthy in mind an body, you can have more time to enjoy your life and your loved ones.

If you are interested to know more about specific techniques for stress relief or how to get started on a lifestyle shift, contact Suz@wellnesswisdominspires.com or call 203-434-4209.