intuitive Collage

Learn how to tap into your intuition and uncover what your soul truly craves, what stories are needing to be told, what parts of you need to be seen. These creative techniques can help you understand more of yourself, leading to an authentic emergence of your wisdom and joyful self.

A variety of collage surfaces, including a mini journal, will be provided in addition to magazines, scissors, adhesives, and marking tools. Feel free to bring additional magazines or other visual material to collage for yourself or for sharing.
Workshop dates to be announced in Fall 2019


Intuitive card readings

Your inner wisdom is calling.  Answer the call and let your intuition guide you to gain clarity, answer questions, release blocks and obtain deeper insight.  It is also a fun and creative way to discover what comes up at any given moment in time! Suzanna will assist you in interpretation and also give you sacred space to reflect on what comes up in the session.  Sound meditation, aromatherapy and other creative healing tools will be offered based on individual needs.


soul creations

Connecting you with your own intuition, you will be able to access your soul's creativity to express through color and form.  With a process that incorporates sound meditation with color, you will effortlessly allow your creative art to emerge. Using watercolors and brush with a simple painting technique will allow you to enjoy this process No art experience is needed.


Workshop dates to be announced in Fall 2019

Request a private card reading session $125/1 hr. 45min session
or send me a message if you need more information.


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