Vision Board Collage

Cut, paste and create your own vision board that will reflect your dreams and goals.  Using intuitive creativity combined with a purposeful method, you will have a pathway to inspiring you to make any dream or goal possible.


Intuitive card readings

Your inner wisdom is calling.  Answer the call and let your intuition guide you to gain clarity, answer questions, release blocks and obtain deeper insight.  It is also a fun and creative way to discover what comes up at any given moment in time! Suzanna will assist you in interpretation and also give you sacred space to reflect on what comes up in the session. 


soul creations

Connecting you with your own intuition, you will be able to access your soul's creativity to express through color and form.  With a process that incorporates a meditative approach with Chakra energy, you will become the artist of your soul.


You can play

A personal approach to choosing a sound healing instrument and having some fun playing.  Have you been curious about sound bowls, drumming,  crystal bowls, gongs, tuning forks, and other healing instruments?  Suzanna can guide you to connect with a sound that resonates with you and allow you to intuitively play.  A personal sound healing instrument can assist you in healing, stress relief, meditation and is a good way to be 'in the moment'!