Relief for Anxiety

Anxiety and stress are affecting many of us.  Turn on any device, TV or computer for news and what you read, hear and see can be overwhelmingly negative.  Current events can cause real fear and anxiety, even for those people who normally are not anxious.  And of course, many of us have stressful careers, jobs and other worries adding to the overload.

In my work, the two major issues I come across repeatedly are stress and anxiety.  It is the number one problem, with chronic pain a close second.  Anxiety can keep you from moving forward, from doing certain activities or causing physical symptoms.  If it is causing psychological problems, therapeutic and professional help should be considered in severe cases. 

However, there are strategies that can help dial back the level of anxiety, and possibly, even remove it altogether.
Some beneficial strategies (which I have been using with clients) that are effective are:

1.  Sound healing therapy ~ Sound therapy is currently gaining more popularity due to it's accessibility; all you need to do is just listen. The following are ways that I am using sound healing therapy:

Himalayan sound healing bowl in private sessions and group mediations ~ especially effective in promoting a meditative response and healing.
Vibrational acoustic therapy mat ~ used in healing and brain entrainment (promoting positive brain waves).
Sound healing recordings (while a client is receiving other healing treatments).  ~ promotes peace of mind and healing.

Sound therapy positively affects the brain, mind and cellular level in a person. It has been clinically researched and tested and is especially beneficial for stress related issues.  You can experience sound therapy with a professional or use it on your own at home (by purchasing cds, downloads, or even special equipment designed for brain entrainment).

2.  Emotional acupressure healing
Tapping on acupressure points, while saying certain words, has been successful in helping and eliminating anxiety.  If done consistently, the results can be amazing.  I guide clients in this process, adding breathing and eye rolling techniques to further help with issues.  There are many free videos, especially on the internet, regarding EFT Tapping. This technique can be learned on your own, but I found that a lot of people like to be guided in the process.

3.  Mindful Meditation
Meditation on a regular basis helps anxiety and stress; it has been researched and proven to affect the brain and mind in a variety of positive ways.  One simple way to start is with mindful breathing, especially when you start to feel anxious.  Bringing more oxygen into your system during anxious moments is very helpful on many levels.  There are many different approaches to meditation and finding the right way for yourself is crucial in being successful.  Being mindful while in the moment, with deep breathing techniques, can go a long way.  Guided meditation and visualization, which I use in my sessions, is another way to address issues and can be helpful for those who have a hard time meditating on their own.  You can also use recordings, go to group meditation or even use your smart phone and get an APP.

4.  Reiki Energy Healing
Reiki is a energy healing practice used to promote balance, using gentle hand placements with the client fully clothed.  It is one of the many forms of energy healing now available to people.  Combined with Sound Healing, Reflexology and aromatherapy, it can be very effective in promoting healing, reducing and eliminating stress and anxiety and creating a sense of peace.  Reiki also assists in spiritual healing and intuitive insights.  I also offer clients a choice of picking intuitive cards and also Chakra stones as a way to access one's own inner wisdom and intuition.

5.  Aromatherapy
Certain essential oils are helpful in reducing stress and anxiety, such as:
Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Frankinsense, Chamomile,Jasmine, Orange and Lemon. 
You can simply put a little on your palms and breath it in, get a diffuser or just put some drops on your pillow at night.  You can also use a carrier oil (like almond) to massage in your skin or even put some in your bath.

6. Authentic Lifestyle Change & Empowerment through Coaching
It may be time to reconsider your choices in your career, health and overall lifestyle.  Are you happy, do you enjoy your job/career, are you spending the right type of time with family, friends, are you relatively healthy and do you really like where you are in your life right now?  Anxiety and stress are part of life, but when your life is out of balance or not giving you any true joy, then you will be more stressed and anxious.  Sometimes, we need to take the steps, no matter how scary, to make the changes we need to live better.  Coaching and a personalized approach to these matters can assist in moving you forward to living an authentic and joyful life so that you can manage and deal with stress and anxiety in an empowered way.


The founder of WellnessWisdom, Suzanne Antal-Proietti offers integrative healing and wellness, stress relief and relaxation through coaching, therapeutic bodywork/massage, energy healing, sound vibration therapy and mind body packages. Suzanne is a Certified Wellness & Life coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified in Integrative Reflexology and has a degree in Psychology with training in Reiki Level 2, CranioSacral Therapy, Energy Work and Stress Reduction Techniques. She helps clients create personalized self care and healing plans.

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