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Suzanne Antal-Proietti has the wisdom to improve your wellness. Antal-Proietti is the founder and creator of WellnessWisdom, self-improvement center in Norwalk, Conn. As she explains it, WellnessWisdom takes its name as a belief and behavior method and philosophy that includes creative inspiration, mind and body balance and an empowered mindset.

"To break the cycle of stressful, habitual living, I offer creative and holistic approaches to manage stress, develop a calm mindset and to support change," Antal-Proietti said.

Antal-Proietti takes an approach of making changes from the inside-out, integrating practical strategies with holistic wisdom methodologies that are aligned with the lifestyle a given client lives to better manage stress and other challenges. Above all other issues, dealing with stress is what draws clients to Antal-Proietti.

Classes at WellnessWisdom include Creative Visioning and Art, Mindfulness, Meditation and Sound Healing," "Mind Body Skill Training," "Work Life Balance Mentoring and Coaching," "Creative Visioning and Art," and "Holistic Healing and Energy." Antal-Proietti is available not only for in-person meetings, but also via Skype and regular phone calls.

"I have been mindfully guiding people and encouraging empowerment for people's dreams and development for over 20 years," Antal-Proietti said. "My training and experience enable me to draw from the best of mind body skills, positive psychology, holistic therapies, nourishing self-care practices and creative wisdom."

Antal-Proietti takes meditation seriously because of its numerous benefits to the body and mind. Stress management is obviously the leading perk of meditation, but an improvement in sleeping habits, concentration, self-awareness, empathy, communication and resilience also make it a medium worth trying. Symptoms of anxiety and depression can be reduced, too.

To help her practice, Antal-Proietti is working on developing her creative side by honing her art, writing and sound skills. She believes it's the next step in making Wellness Widsom an even better solution for those hoping to better manage their stress or whatever other forms of self-improvement they desire.

"My interest in spirituality, personal growth, creative potential and wisdom philosophies have been a constant part of my life," Antal-Proietti said. "My inspiration to create WellnessWisdom is based on the belief and philosophy that if we are connected to our inner wisdom, we will find the right path for happiness, health and well-being. Our potential is already within us and with clarity, guidance and self-reflection, it can be acknowledged and expressed. This philosophy is personal to me, as I live by it."

Some lasting advice Antal-Proietti has for those looking to manage their stress is to take advantage of nature. Given her love of the outdoors, it's certainly worked for her, especially through combining it with her love of creative outlets.

"I love painting, collage, crafts, reading and being in nature," she said. "Nature is the best meditation and I love being out on the beach, on walks in the woods or exploring new areas. I absolutely adore and love flowers, animals and the sounds of nature."


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