I will meet you where you and assist you in your journey of self-discovery, healing and intuitive creativity.

Suzanne Antal-Proietti is a creative visionary who has integrated her background in mind, body and soul healing methodologies to assist individuals seeking harmony and wellness. Recognizing that each of us are unique, holistic beings, Suzanne inspires individuals to trust their intuition, creativity and healing capacity. She knows that our past and current challenges can be our biggest learning lessons and can become opportunities for healing and empowerment.   Suzanne provides support and guidance that allows you to create and implement your vision and story.

Bio & Background

Suzanne is an integrative holistic practitioner with a private practice focused on personal transformation through energy balancing, sound healing and coaching
She maintains her private healing practice in Norwalk Connecticut and host events in the surrounding Tri-State area.

Professional & Educational Training

Certified Life and Wellness coach
B.A. degree in Psychology
Licensed Massage Therapist & Certified in Reflexology
Reiki Level 1 & 2 Certification
Craniol Sacral Therapy, Level 1
Sound Healing & Meditation

She has studied extensively the fields of energy medicine, mindfulness meditation, sound and energy healing, emotional release techniques and intuitive arts. A life long and avid learner, she is always eager to expand her knowledge and interest in a variety of spiritual, healing and mystical fields.

More about Suzanne...

Down-to-earth & lighthearted
Light hearted sense of humor
Compassionate and calm
A seeker of knowledge and truth
Believes in miracles
Emphatic and intuitive


About Robin Serna

Robin Serna is a healer who spent 12 formative years in a contemplative monastery, living a spirituality of daily prayer and contemplation, study and manual labor. She had a passion for music and composed many pieces during her contemplative life. Music has always been her one true love!

Upon leaving, she was drawn to service as a natural healer and became certified in Reiki in year 2000, Thought Field Therapy and hypnosis in 2001.  She has studied NLP, Quantum Touch, EFT, Energy Medicine and other alternative wellness modalities including light, vibration and color/ Crystal therapies which she incorporates into her Energy work.

Since 2016 Robin has been studying sound healing. This has become her passion as her love for sound and music brings her much joy. She uses Tibetan and crystal bowls, gongs, drums and other tools as a simple form of going inward and finding peace.

She can be found Doing various sound concerts with Suzanna Antal-Proietti in local areas throughout Connecticut. Robin is only available for group events and concerts.