Be guided with Suzanne

Suzanne offers private sessions, classes and coaching which are intuitive and creative experiences designed to tap into your own inner wisdom.

Integrating mind body modalities that work best for you, Suzanne guides and mentors you with a style that is filled with authenticity, compassion and a sense of humor.  Some of the tools she uses are energy and sound healing through Himalayan bowls and vibro-acoustic therapy, mind body healing, mindfulness & meditation and integrative life coaching.  Your private session will be personalized to you and although one session sometimes is enough, regular follow-up sessions are recommended for certain challenges that require more in-depth support.

Private sessions are available locally in-person and by Skype and phone so we can work together no matter where you live. 

Suzanne offers solutions that assist with:

Improved energy levels & health
Relief for pain, stress, and anxiety
Healing and releasing emotional blockages
Mindfulness and mental clarity
Spiritual growth and peace
Work & life balance and positive inspiration

What's included in a Wellness, Meditation or Coaching Session?

Kindness, Acceptance, Love, Caring, Understanding. Open communication, inspiration and mentoring.


Schedule your session, workshop or consultation online or contact Suzanne via email or phone 203-434-4209