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interested in a party that is just a bit different?

Ready for some fun time with friends and family?

Celebrating an occasion and looking for something to remember it by?
Want to experience something more special than the ordinary, but not sure where to start?


Have a sound healing meditation party or a creative collage art gathering!

Here's a great opportunity for a girl’s night (or afternoon),
a couple’s gathering, birthday or
celebrations of any kind or just because it’s fun!


Suzanna will bring the sound healing and creative art experience to you
or you can book time with her at the sono healing collective, south norwalk’s new healing arts wellness space!


You and your guests provide the location (if not at SHC), food and beverage. She will lead everyone with an introduction to meditation, using sound healing instruments such as Himalayan and crystal bowls and will also use creative tools like intuition cards for further insight and fun. For creative collage art, she will bring the supplies for cutting, pasting and lead you in the process of creating a vision board/poster.