Be guided mindfully to inner peace, clarity and calm

Clinically proven benefits include stress relief,  mental clarity,  improved sleep and overall positive emotional resiliency.


Re-tune, realign and harmonize trauma or imbalance on the physical, mental or emotional level.  Sound and vibration can help to alleviate pain and discomfort, inviting deep relaxation and relief. This enables the body to make the shifts necessary for healing to take place on all levels.   Sound can improve and transform a range of conditions, including chronic illness, trauma, and much more!


A session may include Tuning Forks, Himalayan and Crystal Singing Bowls, gong and other instruments.  Addition options include Energy healing, Reflexology, Therapeutic bodywork (back, neck & head massage) and Aromatherapy.



Mindful Wellness CONSULTATION
A personalized wellness consultation and session that introduces mindfulness based strategies from a variety of holistic therapies.  75 min ~ $95

Mindfulness Based Therapies
Choose from options for that range from Vibrational Healing, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Sound Healing and Creative Coaching..  50-90 min ~ $60--$125




Please check our Event Calendar to see when the next Sound Bath & Sound Meditation classes will be held.
If you would like to host a Sound Healing Event for your spa, holistic/yoga studio, organization, school, special gathering or office, please contact Suzanne for rates, availability and additional information.

INTRO TO SOUND MEDITATION          $25/30 min
10 min intro into benefits of sound meditation, a short guided breath mediation and the sounds of bowls and crystals.

Release your stress and melt into a meditative mindset effortlessly by just listening to the soothing sounds of healing bowls while being led into a relaxing guided meditation.   Before the session begins, you have the option to choose an essential oil to deepen your relaxation.  A 10-15 min question and answer period will be included.

Experience a special sound immersion and meditative journey for inner peace that supports the process of healing in body, mind and soul.  Himalayan sound bowls, sound healing instruments and guided meditation will gently lead you inward to calm and peace of mind. This sound session includes special anointing oils to deepen the meditative healing journey and a personal crystal or chakra stone to carry the healing and positive energy of this sacred time with you always!



Sound Meditation with Mindfulness Stress Reduction Techniques can assist in reducing stress and provides a way to improved physical, mental and emotional functioning.  This can result in happier employees and students. Suzanne's custom WellnessWisdom® Stress Relief program is adapted to the particular environment, age group and goals of the organization. 

Please contact Suzanne for more information and/or a program rate proposal.


Benefits of Sound Healing, Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Insight and creative problem solving
  • Stabilizes mood & improves sleep
  • Reduces stress hormones
  • Lower blood pressure and reduce cardiac disease
  • Improve immunity and digestion
  • Reduces stress hormones
  • Counters the effects chemotherapy treatment.  

About Energy & Sound Healing

REIKI ENERGY HEALING is a form of energy healing that restores balance and harmony to body, mind and soul.  It is performed totally clothed by placing a series of hand positions over or slightly above the body.   You are not required to believe in the technique but it is helpful if   the receiver is open to accepting healing energy.  Reiki energy is a powerful technique to reduce stress, provide relaxation and aid in the healing process and is ideal for those receiving cancer treatments,  those who have physical and emotional trauma or for any challenging mind, body or soul transitions.         

Using the media of sound and vibration as tools for healing enables the realignment of natural body rhythms. Sound healing may include the use of Vibro-Acoustic equipment, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks, rattles, and drums. Sound therapy provides clinically proven brainwave healing for effective stress reduction, relaxation and healing.

Every cell, organ, and bone in our body has its own resonant frequency. Together they make up a composite frequency ( like the instruments of an orchestra) and when any one of these are out of tune,  it will affect the whole body.  Through the principle of resonance it is possible to use sound to bring the body back into harmony.