the path of wellnesswisdom


You have been drawn here because you yearn to live your life expressing your truest self.
You feel that changes need to be made and that somehow, life can be more.
You want to contribute and assist in creating a different world for yourself and others.
You crave being with kindred spirits who understand and support you.
You are willing to show up and do the work.

Your life journey is unique, evolving and creative!

Sometimes, we can navigate on our own and at other times, we need a helping hand. 

When we are in alignment with our authentic selves,we create the energy and circumstances
that move us into living in harmony and balance.



Reiki Energy Healing
Sound Meditation
Creative Intuitive Coaching & Mentoring
Creative Art
Intuition Card Readings

Not sure where to begin?

Start with a Consultation

Your first consultation combines coaching, intuitive guidance and mentoring support.
This session allows for time to explore and discover your best options for creative healing based on your current life situation.
Suzanne will mindfully listen and guide you to a deeper connection with your inner truth so that you can gain clarity and self empowerment.

There will be time to personally experience energy work ,sound meditation or
the use of oracle cards to assist in self-discovery and healing.

Have questions or want to see if we are a good fit before you make an appointment?
Contact me for a complimentary 15 min phone call.

You can also email me with any questions you have.

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