Wellness Packages

Regular scheduled sessions can improve your ability to heal and provide a deeper sense of well-being. To encourage you to experience these benefits,  I offer a series of specially priced packages for all my Mind Body, Soul Inspired and Sound Chair sessions.

Series of 3 Session Packages
Choose from any Mind Body, Energy Healing or Personalized Session.  These packages can focus on the following issues:  sleep problems, stress and emotional issues, healing and wellness or provide a personalized approach to relaxation and self care.

Sound Chair Session Packages
Both meditative and therapeutic, our clinically developed and tested sound therapy offers benefits for relaxation, stress relief, increased energy and improved sleep with the recommendation of 3 consecutive sessions to achieve results.

Soul Inspired Packages
Combining integrative and creative healing arts, Suzanne will work closely together with you so that you can move into your vision of well-being. 

Start your own special journey to wellness and healing!