I have been blessed to meet and work with so many wonderful people, who have given me so much.  You are all my teachers and inspiration.  Thank you.
Love and blessings, Suzanne


tension was gone...

I went to see Suzanne because I have lower back pain and difficulty sleeping. After the session, the tension was gone and I felt much more relaxed. Since then, I have also been sleeping much better. Looking forward to my next appointment.  (Anonymous, 37 days ago)

entering another little world of peace and tranquility...

I am a return client at Wellness Wisdom. I highly recommend Suzanne as a wonderful therapist. Walking into her spa is like entering another little world of peace and tranquility. It is clean, warm, uplifting, and private. She takes her time and gets to know each client. I go every 4-5 weeks and have found that the benefits I receive physically from the massage and reflexology, and mentally from doing something like this for my own wellbeing, far exceed the modest cost. She does massage with aromatherapy, hot stones, various cremes and balms, and she does the reflexology on your feet. She also does sound therapy and reiki. The therapy room is beautifully lit with salt lamps, the aromas are wonderful, she has a heated table with soft comfy linens, and she plays relaxing music. She will tailor her treatment to whatever the client needs. Highly recommended.  (Anonymous, 58 days ago)

put me in touch with my inner peace...

I have been benefited from the full body massages and foot reflexology as a client of Suzanne Proietti for several years. Recently,due to several stresses in my work and home life,I decided to try the custom combo of Reilki,Tapping ,and Sound Therapy.The combination not only relieved my stress but kept me walking on air for many hours and put me in touch with my inner peace. In one session,I felt the dissipation of stress and blockage immediately.This had helped me to become calm and enabled me to be able to regenerate and be more equipped to deal with my current stresses and ability to care for my elderly father with a positive outlook and inner strength.
Elizabeth G.  January 13, 2017

healed my soul and my body...

I have been coming to see Suzanne for over one and a half years now. It started with a Groupon massage, I thought it's going to be another just an ok experience. But it turned to be a game (life) changer for me. At that point I was in the middle of a rare skin disease outbreak and had to go through a chemo therapy. Suzanne was with me through thin and think. She helped me to sooth my pain and not just physical but most importantly mental/emotional. She helped me to healed my soul and my body. It was an immense support to come to a session of massage, reflexology and reiki after chemo as well. She is very intuitive and will try different methods until she finds the one that fits a particular individual. I would highly recommend Suzanne to anyone!  (Anonymous, 46 days ago)

I have been to Suzanne three times and so has my wife. She always does amazing work to relax your mind and body. We both highly recommend her! (Jesse C., 97 days ago)

Suzanne is wonderful....compassionate and caring, knowledgeable, and continually learning new techniques. Her reflexology, meditation and Reiki were the best sessions for relaxtion and respite from the world! She is the best!  (Anonymous, 110 days ago)

Suzanne is truly amazing. I have had about a half dozen or more sessions with her and each experience has been wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable. I especially love the reflexology! I highly recommend her!!!! Treat yourself.  (Anonymous, 134 days ago)

feeling at peace, grounded...

Suzanne is an amazing reflexologist & continues to add to her practice with new treatment options & tailors your time with her to your specific needs. She is compassionate to her clients as well as her work. No matter what health problem I come in with I've never left my appt without feeling at peace, grounded, & physically as well as mentally better. She is very fair & honest & I enjoy the Tibetan singing bowl, reiki, massage, & comfortable relaxing atmosphere. She is truly one of a kind & is always researching & expanding her knowledge in the mind/body connection. I am grateful for her practice as well as her friendship.  (Anonymous, 149 days ago)

a remarkable drop in my anxiety levels...
I am clear headed, full of positive energy and mindfully present


With years of suffering with severe anxiety post divorce, I went to Suzanne for a consultation, where she truly listened to what was going on in my personal life. She performed a combination of swedish massage, reflexology, Reiki and Tibetan sound bowl as part of an introductory session. I left feeling relaxed even though the anxiety was still present. I signed up for a package to use the vibrating acoustic chair over a series of weeks. We also did an emotional tapping session. After the tapping session and one chair session, I noticed a remarkable drop in my anxiety levels. I have been using the chair every 2-3 weeks over the last few months. My anxiety is currently non-existent. I am clear headed, full of positive energy and mindfully present. I recommend a consultation with Suzanne for anyone who has tried other traditional modalities that don't seem to be working. You don't have anything to lose except negative energies that may be preventing you from being your personal best.  Anonymous, 175 days ago

relaxed and at peace...  It has been 3 days since we visited, and we can still feel the difference... 

Holy $#!%! My friend and I went for a massage/reiki package. We have never had these types of services before.  In all honesty, I was skeptical about the reiki, but I figured it doesn't hurt to try.  Let me tell you, during the reiki portion of the package I could really feel surges of energy moving though my body - I have never experienced anything like it in my life. My friend said the same thing. The whole package was great and Suzanne made me feel really at ease.  Afterwards, we both felt incredible relaxed and at peace. My friend and I are chronically miserable people, and this is a HUGE accomplishment! It has been 3 days since we visited, and we can still feel the difference.  12/21/2015

Always above and beyond!

I just had a reflexology and reiki session with Suzanne and it was phenomenal. Before I left a bought a package for 3 more sessions and can't wait to return!

Of all the massage places that my wife has visited over the years, she rates WellnessWisdom as the best!  Peter D.

I absolutely love coming here. I can't believe how relaxed I am during and after my session. Suzanne is a truly wonderful person, thank you!

Love this place!Robert L.

This Saturday was my 4th appointment with Suzanne. She has been more than wonderful. I feel so relaxed, happy and rejuvenated. And I walk out with a great boost of energy too. Would highly recommend!

A wonderful experience from start to finish! Comfortable and inviting surroundings. I am going back!!

I had a wonderful reflexology treatment with Suzanne. The enviorment was very soothing, from the scented oils to the music to the treatment room - it was all terrific!

Suzanne was incredibly nice and professional. The atmosphere was very pleasant and the massage was fantastic.

relaxing and healing...

The best massage I ever had. Suzanne listened to my needs and perfectly executed a relaxing and healing massage. So great I bought two more sessions!

Suzanne helped me when I was going through a difficult time, physically (due to the wrong meds!) and consequently, emotionally. It was the first time in days that I could actually relax and I'm returning for a second session to fully enjoy the experience w/o being under the influence of a Dr's bad prescription! Highly recommend this spa!
Mary ellen E.

put me at ease right away...  truly cares....

Suzanne was very welcoming and gentle - she put me at ease right away. The rooms were lovely and clean, and the reflexology was very relaxing. Suzanne was very attentive and I felt that she truly cares about her clients and the service she provides.

Excellent job! I left feeling relief and relaxed. Thank you!

highly recommend Suzanne to anyone who's looking to improve wellness and health...

I have had several wonderful massages with Suzanne that included aromatherapy, reflexology, and hot stones. She takes the time to carefully listen to your concerns and works her magic on those muscles. Recently I had two transforming sessions in the Sound Therapy Chair. The combination of instrumental sound and therapeutic massage while meditating has been extremely beneficial to me. I would highly recommend Suzanne to anyone who's looking to improve wellness and health. Terri L.

Suzanne has wonderful positive energy and she made me feel one hundred percent comfortable...

I've had various types of alternative healing, massages, and reflexology all my adult life, but I have to say that Suzanne's hot stone reflexology took me to a state of blissful relaxation that I have never been to before! Suzanne has wonderful positive energy and she made me feel one hundred percent comfortable.

 WOW what an experience! From the minute I stepped into Wellness Wisdom I knew I had come to the right place. From their cute little tea room with various yoga and relaxation books to the actual massage rooms themselves this place is what I needed. Immediately meeting Suzanne she put me right at ease with her warm smile and welcoming nature. Our session began with some reiki at first and right away I fell into deep relaxation. She than proceeded with some acupressure on my scalp and ears which to say the least felt WONDERFUL! She than stretched my muscles and moved to some acupressure on my feet. Now naturally I am very ticklish and would not normally let someone work on them. Lo and behold Suzanne worked wonders, I completely forgot about how ticklish I usually am and enjoyed her fingers working magic on the knots of my feet. It was truly an experience and I would recommend anyone in the Fairfield county to come here and try her out! Trust me you WILL NOT be disappointed, I am officially a satisfied Wellness Wisdom customer :) October 18, 2013

If anyone is having sleep difficulties I would highly recommend giving it a try

I've had three appointments with Suzanne and they have all been great experiences. My most recent two appointments were for the sound therapy mats for improved sleep. If anyone is having sleep difficulties I would highly recommend giving it a try. Within two sessions I noticed a difference in my mental state and a deeper overall level of rest at night. The mat allows you to sink in, clear your thoughts, and begin to re-program your mind to let go and rest at the end of the day. Suzanne also coached me on other tips to incorporate into my sleep habits at night. Between these two factors I hope to have continued improvement in my rest and look forward to visiting for continued sessions in the future. Highly recommend!

Suzanne's hands have magic in them. The worst part is the end of the session...

I had a wonderful experience at Wellness Wisdom. I have had two massages there and both have not only been relaxing and enjoyable, but the bodywork helped me feel better for weeks afterwards. I discussed the areas of concern with Suzanne and she listened and carefully fine tuned my bodywork session to meet my needs. I love the comfortable environment and care I get when I go. I'm going to send my husband in next!  Kate W.

I felt transformed...

I felt transformed after my massage with Suzanne. I came in with some aches and soreness and Suzanne completely alleviated them. She creates such a comfortable environment where you can relax and enjoy your massage. It's the best massage I've ever gotten. I will be going back and highly recommend her to anyone! Brean

My husband and I had the pleasure of a couples massage with Suzanne and Candy. I must say we thoroughly enjoyed them! It was my husband's first massage and he is now hooked. He commented that he never wanted a massage before because 'most of those spa places are too pretentious and stuffy for a regular guy like me.' We visited on a cold winter day and upon setting foot inside we felt a warm welcome and serenity. Wellness Wisdom is a quaint, relaxing place where you are treated like an old friend rather than a customer. We can't wait to go back!! Vanessa N.

LOVE this place!

SO glad I heard about this place - it was exactly what I needed. it was relaxing and yet worked out my tension. Suzanne was so personable and really paid attention to what I was looking for out of the massage. I will definitely be going back! Thank you! Shannon

Suzanne is amazing. Professional and friendly, also provides an incredibly relaxing experience. This is now my regular place!  Nicole W.

This review is long over due!! I have always wanted a message but for some reason chickened out every single time (something about having a stranger touching me didn't seem to appealing) About 2 months ago I finally decided to make myself go and get a deep tissue massage and foot reflexology on the same day. I have been kicking myself ever since for waiting so long!! That was the best feeling I have ever had. Suzanne and Darlene are miracle workers! They made me feel so welcomed and comfortable. The stress and pain I was dealing with for years was gone for a couple of weeks after I left the spa. The spa itself is very inviting and feels like home. I will definitely be back for more work as soon as time allows it because you ladies are the BEST!!!!  Michele W.

Suzanne, I truly enjoyed my massage it was so relaxing One of the best I ever had! Mary

"Suzanne, you are my medicine" Katya



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