Working together is a process of holding space for you to uncover the essence of your soul vision, your life purpose and creative healing transformation.

Suzanne draws upon the best of positive mind body skills, creative healing methodologies, spiritual wisdom traditions and nourishing self-care practices that inspire you to live in alignment with your authentic self. Connect with your inner wisdom for mind, body and soul well-being!


75 MIN $95

Energy healing restores balance and harmony to body, mind and soul.  Reiki energy is a powerful technique to reduce stress, provide relaxation and aid in the healing process.  Sessions integrate essential oils, the sound of Himalayan bowls and intuition cards.
* Long Distance/Virtual Healing Sessions Available Upon Request.



90 MINUTES $125

We will work one-on-one on your clarity, mindset, and strategy. You will learn tools to make mindful decisions and feel inspired. I will also help you release energy blocks so that you can take consistent action to create positive results.


90 MINUTES $125

Tapping into presence, mindfulness and creative inspiration, your session will be a discovery and path to your intuitive wisdom to guide you to living with intention, integration and a vision for body, mind and soul well-being.


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