Individual holistic and sound healing treatments are tailored to each client using Reiki energy, sound and body therapies as needed or requested by the client. Bowls are gently gonged and when placed around or on the body, the effect is a restorative full-body sound massage!

Benefits of an integrative healing treatment include:

• Stress and hypertension relief
• Improved circulation
• Deeper, fuller breathing
• Rested wakefulness
• Calmer mind

Couple’s sessions are available.



Working together is a process to uncover the essence of your soul vision, your life purpose and creative healing transformation.

Discover and benefit from positive mind body skills, creative healing methodologies, spiritual wisdom traditions and nourishing self-care practices that will inspire you to live in alignment with your authentic self.

Sometimes it really helps to have a guide or mentor to assist you with self-discovery and growth. I provide undivided attention, advice and support that honors your true self and authenticity first. I choose to work only with a small number of clients.

Get Help With

  • Truth & Authenticity

  • Freedom-Based Lifestyle

  • Relationships

  • Life Purpose Vision Fulfillment

  • Empath Empowerment

  • Emotional Mastery

  • Creative Awakening

  • Self-Healing Techniques

  • Spiritual Development

  • Meditation


What to expect

Therapies can be applied lying down on a treatment table, special mat or recliner. Treatments, in addition to sound, may include healing touch, Reiki energy, Reflexology, therapeutic massage, meditation and essential oil aromatics . These sessions are highly adaptable and are customized to your comfort.

Why Get a Treatment?

• Alleviate tension and anxiety

• Reduce anger and frustration

• Boost your immunity, accelerate healing

• Soothe physical aches and pains

• Pamper yourself!

Treatments are usually one hour to 90 min in length.
Please wear loose, comfortable clothing for your treatment.