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Aroma Sound Meditation

  • Sono Healing Collective 71 Water Street Norwalk, CT, 06854 United States (map)

Come relax and journey inward with the tunes and vibrations of sound paired with essential oils to promote relaxation, meditation, and healing. When your mind and body attune to the vibrations of acoustics in specific instruments, you promote balance.

Sound Therapy is effective because it influences our emotional body as well as our physical body. Emotional imbalances are at the root of many physical diseases and when we heal our emotional bodies, the physical symptoms disappear. Sound healing works on a level that requires no effort. Being in the room, allowing yourself to feel the vibrations of the various instruments is all you need to benefit from the experience.

High quality, unadulterated essential oils create chemical reactions in our bodies that impact our mood, our emotions, and our thought processes. When essential oils are inhaled or put on the skin, they go to work right away with no effort required.

Sound Healing and Aromatherapy have been used for thousands of years as vibrational medicines. Together they create a potent combination to promote raising your frequency and supporting wellness - body, mind and spirit. These oils are from the life force, or Chi of plants, consciously & sustainably harvested throughout the world. A collection of pure essential oils has been selected and will be introduced, then applied through various applications for grounding and balancing, opening the heart and intuitive centers, and freeing your stuck emotions. Get comfortable in a live healing symphony of extraordinary resonant sounds, intuitively orchestrated with Tibetan and Quartz crystal bowls, chimes, drums and other sacred healing instruments. Come and enjoy this profoundly beautiful combination!

Participants will sit or lay in a comfortable position, completely surrounded and supported by bolsters, pillows, and blankets!

In this workshop, you receive the benefits without having to strain. You will relax, reset, and re-center yourself gently and lovingly. Wear comfortable clothes and bring water to hydrate before and after the session!

Book online ahead of time to receive a discounted rate!

$20 for OCC members

$25 general admission

$30 day of, at the door