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Sound Healing Meditation

Sound Healing Meditation Intro price of $35   1 space left!

This relaxing soundscape workshop blends a variety of sound healing instruments including ancient gongs, Himalayan bowls, special drums and enchanting chimes to create a meditative and healing sanctuary.  Ideal for those who have stress or a hard time meditating or for anyone who enjoys beautiful, relaxing sounds. 

Beginning with a few minutes of guided deep breathing and aromatherapy (optional), thoughtfully orchestrated sounds slowly emerge and will immerse your senses in their healing vibration.  The sound resonance is holistic and absorbed on the cellular level.  More than just an auditory experience; it feels like receiving a sound bath massage. Many experience deep relaxation, fall into a state of sleep or even have an altered state of consciousness. Experiencing sound in this way has the potential to relieve stress, increase mental clarity, calm the emotions, bring the body, mind and soul into balance for healing and transformation.

You can either sit or lay down in our comfortable space.  Please bring a blanket and extra pillows for your comfort, although we will have some pillows and chairs to choose from.  Limited space up to 6 people so please reserve early