MINDFULNESS & MEDITATION Group Workshops & Private Coaching

Are you feeling pressured or stressed? Are you interested in learning new skills that can enrich your life? Research shows that individuals who participate in mindfulness and meditation classes feel less stressed, sleep better, are more calm and feel more compassion for themselves, a key element in resiliency.

Train Your Mind to Stress Less
Meditation & Mind Body Skills Program

Cost: $100 pre-paid or$125 at start of class
Class Size: 10-12
Four-Session Package $300

A 4 series workshop/class or private sessions that offers skills in mindfulness, meditation, and stress management and helps manage anxiety and life challenges. The course and/or private sessions is designed to help learn mindfulness through the practice of specific skills that calm and focus the mind,  resulting in the reduction of stress & anxiety and improving overall life satisfaction.  Participants learn and practice mindfulness meditation, guided imagery, breathing and movement.

This workshop is ideal for:   Late adolescents/young adults 18-29, and adults of any age, who are experiencing stress and anxiety due to life transitions, career or personal changes. To make sure you get the most out of the workshop, participants are asked to commit to attending all four sessions and to practicing the skills taught at least 10 minutes a day during the 4 series period.

Course Structure
Four (4)  75 min classes spaced over 4-5 weeks.  Each class follows the same format:
Opening meditation
Check in/discussion
Mind/body mindfulness skill training
Closing meditation
Use of sound healing bowls/instruments in class & weekly emails to encourage daily mindfulness practice

Class Curriculum & Information for Participants

Class 1:  Breathing Exercises
Class 2:  Walking Meditation
Class 3:  Guided Imagery
Class 4:  Eating Meditation

The text and recommended reading for the workshop is Wherever You Go, There You Are, by Jon Kabat-Zinn, which is available at your local library and bookstore or online.
Students/attendees are expected to keep a daily log and bring it to class.
Practice a skill and/meditation for at least 10 min a day.
Read the required chapters in the book

[After this class is completed, participants can take Empower Your Life Coaching Program that provides guidance for goal setting and clarity around next steps]

Benefits of Mindfulness & Meditation:

  • Helps manage & reduce stress
  • Reduces symptoms of anxiety & depression
  • Improves concentration & clarity
  • Increased self-awareness, empathy, communication and resilience
  • Sleep better
  • Create positive emotional and mental states
  • Increases self-compassion


One Day 4 hour Workshop
Workshop Class Cost: $150, Date TBD

Private Four-Session Coaching Package $450

This program/workshop offers strategies and skills to enable young adults to better manage transitions to move forward by developing the skills needed to make their dreams and goals a reality. In a group setting, they will also gain insights and support from each other.

Participants will be introduced and learn about:
• Problem Solving Techniques
• Stress Reduction Tools
• Personal Goal-Setting
• Self-Awareness Training
• Time Management Skills
• Emotional Intelligence Education
• Enhancing Social Skills

Resources and related materials are included.


Sound Meditation & Healing Offerings

Sound and vibration can help to alleviate pain and discomfort, inviting deep relaxation and relief. This enables the body to make the shifts necessary for healing to take place on all levels.   Sound can improve and transform a range of conditions, including chronic illness, trauma, and much more!

PRIVATE SESSIONS - Individual sessions @ the studio
GROUP SOUND EVENTS - Group Event/Workshop class @ the studio or other locations

Mindful Coaching Session 60 min. $75/hr.

Supported with non-judgment, compassion and full attention, you will be assisted in gaining clarity, either on one specific issue or with longer term life goals.  You will be guided with mind body skills to empower you with clarity. Sessions are either in person, on phone or Skype.